My first experience in web design was in 1996, a few months before CSS was released. Since then, I've worked on many web implementation and graphic design projects over the years.

Design is about making decisions within constraints. I approach projects with the following questions in mind:

  • What makes for the smoothest, richest experience?
  • How do I stay out of the way of my users?
  • How is color best used?
  • How are visual media pieces featured on the site?
  • What does the typography/logo say about the solution?

I teach User Experience Design at General Assembly; have worked as a Senior UX Designer in the agency world; write at Sense and Rhythm; and sometimes contribute to higher education and museum teams.

Recent work:

Complete redesign of Long & Foster -- UX lead, plus some code and production art support (with my team at RP3 Agency). Winner of a W3 award for UX!

National Harbor redesign -- UX lead, photographer (with my team at RP3 Agency)

Our 100 Days for Washington Area Women's Foundation -- UX design and some coding (with my team at RP3 Agency)