Redesigning National Harbor

With the opening of MGM National Harbor imminent, we were tasked with visually showcasing all that National Harbor had to offer. All told, it amounted to a complete overhaul of the homepage, and the creation of a few landing pages, to work hand-in-hand with a multi-channel campaign. I created several environmental photos, and we had another photographer create the photos featuring people.

Roles included:

  • Gathering requirements
  • Sketching solutions
  • User flow creation
  • Wireframe creation
  • Photographer
  • Writing business rules
  • Prototype creation in Invision
  • Photo editor
  • Quality assurance tester
  • Production art support
  • Strategy support

An early brainstorm around goals, principles, and personas

We needed a classic balance of campaign goals and user goals, among other factors

Using our personas, our team created potential actions and solutions

Timeboxed to only an hour, we conducted a rapid sketching session to visualize potential solutions

Early sketch of a landing page, pretty much the lowest fidelity possible

On small screens, how do we prioritize information? We wanted to cover a substantial amount of ground with this one, but make it feel natural and uncluttered

After prototyping and doing visual design, we moved into development. Uh oh, that headline isn't very readable once it moves on top of the image

Another bug uncovered in testing: extra blue margins that weren't supposed to be there

Viewing the finished site--looking good!

Read the RP3 Agency case study

Visit the finished National Harbor site